Continuum of Being

Gibby Waitzkin Solo Show Exhibition Continuum of Being

Gibby Waitzkin, local fiber artist, papermaker and photographer, has created a new body of work -
Continuum of Being. This work is the focus of a solo exhibition that opens Saturday, February 22nd with a reception at 5:30 at Piedmont Arts in Martinsville, VA. Continuum of Being will be featured in the Hooker Garrett Gallery at Piedmont Arts through April 19, 2014.

In this body of work, Gibby takes the viewer on an exploration. Beginning with the seasons and delving into a narrative told through imagery of Mother Earth, Man alone, Man & Woman together, the Cradle of Life and finally, to the original seed pod form which represents the origin of life. The show as a whole reflects the fragility of our existence within the confines of the world around us, from our nascent stages, through virility, and eventually cycling through reproduction and regeneration.

Gibby prints her photographs on handmade paper which she makes in her gallery in Floyd, VA, and places them within amplified natural forms that fill and structure our surroundings. Many of these forms go largely unnoticed by people in their everyday lives. With that in mind, her inspiration is drawn from a variety of life forms. This includes plants, fungi and wildlife on her farm that she integrates into each piece, from fibers in the paper to embedded objects. The range of fibers, found objects, and images that Gibby has incorporated into her work will pull the viewer further along the journey among the origins of life and man’s relationship with nature.

Piedmont Arts is located at 215 Starling Avenue in Martinsville, VA. Continuum of Being will be up beginning February 22 through April 19th 2014. For more information visit, or contact Gibby at (540) 745-6330.


174 Sarvisberry Lane, Floyd, Virginia 24091 • 540 - 745 - 6330 •